Good day, nice day, hopeful day
Hey im Sophie, I really fucking love hope and I bleed soap



Let us never forget Komaeda’s lovely face in chapter 5 (◡‿◡✿)

September 23 + 326


au where izuru is a really bored ghost who has nothing better to do than follow hajime around all day since he’s the only person who can see him


September 23 + 83

I’m going to draw myself the perfect guy

*draws Hajime Hinata*

Well damn

September 23 + 0


i found this in my poop folder from months ago because i really disliked it at the time i was working on it but i spent so much time with it i feel the need to post it

September 22 + 51


winter komahinanami

please fullsize!

September 22 + 74


I worry for komaeda I really do

September 22 + 23


always angry

September 22 + 8

Ryou Bakura is a little soft bunny and I want to cuddle him

September 20 + 0

Time to do my homework real quick then I can be excited about betas B^)

September 20 + 0